Fuel Injector Service

From time to time your injectors will become dirty and need cleaning. "Dirty" is actually a misnomer. Rarely are injectors clogged with dirt. Rather, they are usually clogged or restricted by a build up of fuel varnish deposits. This reduces the amount of fuel that the injector sprays, which in turn may cause the engine to run lean and misfire, hesitate or stall.

ANY injector can clog. Nobody's injectors are immune to this kind of problem, but some are obviously better than others. We can diagnose and fix these issues on site for you!

Carburettor Reconditioning

The rebuilding process of all carbies is first to strip and clean them. The surfaces are machined to make sure there are no air leaks. We then rebush the throttle shafts and reassemble. Finally, they are engine tested to ensure perfect working order.

Fuel System Specialist

All our mechanics are specialists with extensive experience in several fuel systems:

  • Fuel Injection System
  • Carburettors Reconditioning
  • LPG Gas System
  • Diesel Systems

We believe this gives us the edge in diagnosing most no-start engine scenarios, having this experience and knowledge of these systems. This does aids us in a quicker diagnostic time and repair, particularly in a break down situation at home or office. For fast fuel injector service in Melbourne, call us today on 1300 720 332!

Save You Money

Injectors should only be replaced as a last resort. They are expensive to buy and more often than not cleaning will have them running like new again.

If your injectors are clogged, they can be cleaned with pressurized solvent, or removed for off-car cleaning. There are fuel tank additives that you can try. They can improve the running of your engine, but when the injectors are badly blocked it is best to remove them for off car cleaning

Ask your mechanic to include an injector diagnosis with your next service to keep your car running smoothly!